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Master of Design (MDes)




Bruce Hanington


This thesis document presents the research, synthesis and design work completed for a system for object reuse. This work presents a user-centered process culminating in a service design (ReUseIt) and design guidelines to be employed when working with an audience of teenage girls and designing for behavior change with respect to the environment.

This document includes a literature review covering environmental concerns, the relationship of design for behavior change, Generation Z, game design, and the historic value of objects.

Research methods documented include journaling kits and designer-led research workshops embedded within middle school and high school art classes.

ReUseIt supports improved behavior in relation to the environment through positive feedback around the reuse of objects and attachment of stories to objects. It is a service with touchpoints in shopping malls and a Facebook application.

Reflections are offered on the design process undertaken and suggested best practices for creating embedded workshops within middle and high school classes.