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Master of Design (MDes)




Suguru Ishizaki


Career management is not a singular event but a continuing process that includes establishing self-awareness, building skills and finally implementing plans to achieve career goals. Though today the activity of career management is supported by various technologies and services, the information gap between job seekers and companies still situates job seekers in a grey box: job seekers’ needs of learning about industries, learning about companies and getting specific career suggestions are yet to be supported by the current information system. The intention of this thesis is to examine different types of job seekers as well as their concerns, study how well the current tools or services are helping them in different ways, and finally create a design solution that can fulfill job seekers’ hidden needs, empowering job seekers’ career management activities in a long run. I dived into the multiple levels of challenges that job seekers face. My research included literature reviews, interviews, surveys, competitive analysis and speed dating. Corresponding to the problems I identified, my solution is a platform that enables job seekers to get insights of industry and company, and that supports job seekers with personally tailored career advice from senior employees by means of career mentorship.