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Master of Design (MDes)




Jodi Forlizzi


As technology becomes faster, smaller and more mobile, it enables us to constantly be in communication, affording us to work anytime anywhere. This brings the pressures of productivity and efficiency that are generated at the office into our homes, blurring the line between the two. People are beginning to realize that it is getting harder and harder to keep a healthy balance between work and home life. This imbalance puts a strain on their social lives and makes it difficult to lead a healthier lifestyle. This is why it is such a struggle to keep a healthy work-life balance and maintain it. Millennials cherish their time more in order to do activities that are meaningful to them and their loved ones. The millennial population is a very interesting group to design for. Not only have they grown up with technology, but they are coming into the workspace with a different mindset than older generations. How can design help millennials attain a healthier lifestyle by allowing a better balance between the many facets that make up their lives?