Scientific and cost-effectiveness criteria in selecting batteries of short-term tests

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The scientific and cost-effectiveness criteria introduced in this paper can be applied to published datasets and current and proposed batteries of short-term tests. The reports in the current volume will provide a wealth of additional material for such evaluations, but more systematically obtained information will be necessary to assess both the internal and external validity of these tests. Individual tests and batteries of tests should be standardized, employ positive controls, generate results capable of quantitative analyses that may make dichotomous classification as “positive” and “negative” obsolete, be interpreted in light of mechanisms of action, and be cost-effective on a grand scale. For regulatory purposes our long-term goal should be to replace the whole animal lifetime bioassay with an appropriate and cost-effective set of short-term tests.




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Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology , 205, 1-4, 41-49.