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It is many years, nearly a quarter century, since Donald Gordon taught me the game of GO and mumbled at lunch about an obscure economist named von Thunen. I am as surprised, as some of you may be, to find myself discussing von Thunen's monetary theory so many years after my lunch time acquaintance with Gordon and von Thunen ended. You may credit or blame Mark Perlman for my presence here. But you must credit or blame Gordon for anything I say about von Thunen. My entire exposure to von Thunenfs work has come to me, on various occasions, from Gordon. I am not alone; I assure you. von Thunen's monetary theory exists only in unpublished form. Currently, Gordon tells us, we depend on him. To his other outstanding qualities we now add that he is the reigning expert on the monetary theory of von Thunen. Since I read his paper, I can claim to be, not an expert on von Thunen but an expert on what Donald Gordon knows about von Thunen. I speak to you from that vantage point.