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June 2011



Abstract or Description

Pervasive medical monitoring has become an ideal alter- native to nursing care for elderly people and patients in hospitals. Existing systems using single body-worn sensors are often intrusive and less reliable. By contrast, ubiqui- tous acoustic sensing techniques can support non-intrusive and robust medical monitoring. In this paper, we describe CoughLoc, a ubiquitous acoustic sensing system for con- tinuous cough detection using a wireless sensor network. We show how knowledge of sound source locations can be leveraged to improve the detection accuracy of sound events caused by mobile users. Experiments in indoor environ- ments show our system achieves over 90% cough detection performance under quiet backgrounds, and 1.6 times higher performance compared to a baseline approach with no loca- tion information.


Published In

International Workshop on Emerging Mobile Sensing Technologies, Systems, and Applications.


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