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As steward of the Capability Maturity Model (CMMI) for Software (SW-CMM) and its related products, the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) collects information related to the use of the CMM and provides feedback to the user community. Assessment data are reported in industry aggregates by the SEI in the Maturity Profile, which provides characteristics of organizations using the CMM as well as information on findings and maturity levels. The main purpose of this report is to update the analysis of feedback from users of the CMM-Based Appraisal for Internal Process Improvement (CBA IPI) method. The assessments for which data are contained in this report were conducted between July 1998 and December 2000. The audience for this document is the community of managers, executives, and developers who are planning or contemplating having a CBA IPI assessment in their organizations, assessment team members, and Lead Assessors who are interested in learning about other assessors' experiences in order to improve their own planning and use of the CBA IPI method.