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This report outlines the application of architecture reconstruction techniques to the Sun Microsystems' Duke's Bank system- Java2 Platform, Enterprise Edition/Enterprise JavaBeans (J2EE/EJB) application implemented mainly in Java. The goal of the reconstruction was to apply architecture reconstruction techniques to a system implemented in Java to produce a set of views that depict that system's architecture. Decomposition style views of the module viewtype were used. They focus on the "is part of" relation and show how the system is decomposed into modules and submodules.

During the reconstruction, several decomposition style views of the architecture were generated using the Understand for Java tool. That tool extracted and then abstracted low-level source information from the system. Then that information was formatted using Perl scripts, so it could be loaded into the Architecture Reconstruction and Mining (ARMIN) tool developed by the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute and the Robert Bosch Corporation. The resulting views showed the architectural elements of the Duke's Bank system and the dependencies among them.