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Recognizing the need to succeed in a new multilateral, asymmetric threat environment, the U. S. Department of Defense has initiated a radical transformation in operations to promote agility and enhance responsiveness. The transformation process, as well as the resulting new order of operations, relies heavily on system-of-systems solutions to bridge existing gaps in operations. To date, a pervasive, and possibly detrimental, assumption has dominated the program management arena: management tools and methods that work for single systems apply equally well to the acquisition of system-of-systems solutions. This technical note questions the general assumption that single-system methods are effective in a system-of-systems arena. Taking the position that the field, as a whole, lacks an adequate understanding of the unique challenges that influence system-of-systems initiatives, this report presents a case for the investigation and adaptation of structural and dynamic modeling techniques to the engineering of systems of systems. The report also includes results from a survey of subject matter experts providing evidence that resource expenditures in areas important to a system-of-systems environment are becoming high priorities.