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The Army Strategic Software Improvement Program goal is to dramatically improve the acquisition of software-intensive systems by focusing on acquisition programs, people, and production/sustainment and by institutionalizing continuous improvement.

This special report contains a briefing (slides and accompanying notes) on the results of one subtask of this effort conducted during FY06. The subtask called for three actions: 1) explore the (then) current processes and test results/metrics used to address system-of-systems integration and testing, 2) develop findings and recommendations for improvement based on this initial exploration, and 3) recommend future work to further improve the Army's system-of-systems integration and test practices.

The Army is in the lead in addressing the many challenges associated with system-of-system s integration and testing, paving the way for the rest of the U.S Department of Defense (DoD). As a result, the information contained in this report is useful to other organizations facing similar challenges.