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This document is a guide to help practitioners using the Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL), an international industry standard for the model-based engineering of real-time and embedded systems. The primary goal of this document is to describe an approach for and the mechanics of constructing an architectural model that can be analyzed based on the AADL. The first section of this document presents an overview of AADL concepts and many of the keywords of the language. The second part of the document illustrates a model-building approach using the AADL. It takes the perspective of an engineer who is developing a model for the first time using the AADL. This guide leads the reader through complete AADL model development based on automotive embedded control systems (cruise control, traction control, etc.) by describing the use and syntax of the AADL and interleaving modeling abstraction tradeoffs to achieve models that are abstract but precise. Models are constructed with different analysis perspectives in mind to illustrate the semantics as well as the richness of the AADL.