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Technical Report

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SISPI has been proposed to foster a program of technology research and transition that will improve producibility in the acquisition/development and sustainment/evolution of software-intensive systems (SiS).

This document is a draft in progress of a technology vision and roadmap to improve the ability of the DoD and industry to deliver needed SiS capability in a timely, cost-effective, and predictable manner. The goal at this stage is to establish the general concepts and approach for a producibility initiative and to stimulate discussion of these ideas and the research and transition efforts needed to achieve enhanced producibility in practice.

The roadmap is meant to serve as a coherent evolving framework for defining and prioritizing potential research investments and technology transition efforts related to producibility. A roadmap has three elements: a representation of the current situation, a vision that characterizes an improved situation, and a plan of action for transitioning from the current to the improved situation. This roadmap identifies five research themes, two transition themes, and an approach to measuring effectiveness for an initiative focused on achieving a vision of enhanced SiS producibility