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Organizations struggle with many problems in complex systems of systems for which solutions are not codified or even conceived, such as a mutual understanding of "common" terms and concepts across participating enterprises and the lack of a global view by any single system-of-systems participant. System and software purchasers and suppliers need a different set of approaches and techniques than are typically in use today to satisfy user demands that reflect turbulent operational environments. Beyond purchasers and engineers, all participants in a complex, systems-of-systems environment need a different set of perspectives and expectations about user demands than those typical in product-centered engineering. The SoS Navigator approach provides leaders participating in complex systems of systems with (1) novel insights into critical aspects of the demand and supply sides of their situation and (2) criteria on which to decide whether their systems-of-systems context requires the adoption and sustainment of a different business model than ones that are typical today. This technical note introduces the fundamental concepts, processes, and techniques of the evolving SoS Navigator approach. It also summarizes case studies that illustrate the use of SoS Navigator processes and tools in healthcare, military, and civilian government systems-of-systems contexts.