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This document provides a high-level overview of the People Capability Maturity Model (CMM)-Based Assessment Method. It introduces the People CMM as a source of guidelines for improving the capability and readiness of an organization's workforce in the context of the IDEAL approach to process improvement. In order to measure the capability and maturity of an organization's workforce practices, an appraisal method has been developed for the People CMM. This document describes the requirements and methods for the People CMM-Based Assessment Method. This method is a diagnostic tool that supports, enables, and encourages an organization's commitment to improving its ability to attract, develop, motivate, organize, and retain the talent needed to steadily improve its organizational capability. The method helps an organization gain insight into its workforce capability by identifying strengths and weaknesses of its current practices related to the People CMM. The method focuses on identifying improvements that are most beneficial, given an organization's business goals and current maturity level. Brief descriptions of the method activities, roles, and responsibilities are provided. The SEI Appraiser Program is discussed, detailing the requirements for persons qualified to lead People CMM-Based Assessments.