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The Software Risk Evaluation (SRE) is a process for identifying, analyzing, and developing mitigation strategies for risks in a software-intensive system while it is in development. The SRE process has been in evolutionary development at the SEI since 1992 and has been used on over 50 Department of Defense (DoD) and civil (federal and state) contractors and program offices. Version 1.0 of the SRE Method Description was published in December, 1994.

The SRE Method Description provides

1. description of the SRE method's principles, including helpful concepts and applications

2. additional insight into the SRE process so that an organization can responsibly customize the process for its own needs

3. specific "key results" listings for each process step that can be used to assess quality of execution

The description should allow members of an organization's process improvement staff to perform an initial SRE competently without outside help, and then continuously improve their process over time.