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his study investigated the relationships between cognitive ability (as assessed by the Raven Progressive Matrices Test [RPM] and the Visual-Span Test [VSPAN]) and individuals’ performance in three dynamic decision making (DDM) tasks (i.e., regular Water Purification Plant [WPP], Team WPP, and Firechief). Participants interacted repeatedly with one of the three microworlds. Our results indicate a positive association between VSPAN and RPM scores and between each of those measures and performance in the three dynamic tasks. Practice had no effect on the correlation between RPM score and performance in any of the microworlds, but it led to an increased correlation between VSPAN score and performance in Team WPP. The pattern of associations between performance in microworlds and assessments of cognitive ability was consistent with the task requirements of the microworlds. These findings provide insight into the cognitive demands of dynamic decision making and the dynamics of the relationships between cognitive ability and performance with task practice. D 2004 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.