Preparing for Novelty with Diverse Training

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This study investigated the ability to generalize acquired skills from training conditions to novel conditions, in a complex perceptual and cognitive task of luggage screening. We examined category and exemplar diversity during training for preparing learners to detect novel items during transfer. Category diversity was manipulated in terms of heterogeneity of training categories: Participants either trained with targets from one category or with targets from several categories. Exemplar diversity was manipulated between participants by presenting either a few or many exemplars for both category diversity conditions. Seventy-two participants were trained to identify threats in pieces of luggage. Thereafter they were transferred to novel stimuli. Results can be summarized in support for the diversity of training hypothesis for preparing for novelty: To the best training for novel luggage screening situations is achieved using fewer items in a variety of categories.




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Applied Cognitive Psychology , 25, 5, 682-691.