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Robust manipulation with a dexterous robot hand is a grand challenge of robotics. Impressive levels of dexterity can be achieved through teleoperation. However, teleoperation devices such as a glove or force reflecting master-slave system can be expensive and can tie the robot down to a restricted workspace. We observe that inexpensive and widely available multi-touch interfaces can achieve excellent performance for a large range of telemanipulation tasks, making dexterous robot telemanipulation broadly accessible. Our key insight is that dexterous grasping and manipulation interactions frequently focus on precise control of the fingertips in a plane. Following this observation, our novel multi-touch interface focuses on reliable replication of planar fingertip trajectories, making previously difficult actions such as grasping, dragging, reorienting, rolling, and smoothing as intuitive as miming the action on a multitouch surface. We demonstrate and evaluate these and other interactions using an iPad interface to a Shadow Hand mounted on a Motoman SDA10 robot.

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Proceedings of IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids 2012).