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In this paper, we make two contributions. First, we present a new domain, called Segway Soccer, for investigating the coordination of dynamically formed, mixed human-robot teams within the realm of a team task that requires real-time decision making and response. Segway Soccer is a game of soccer between two teams consisting of Segway riding humans and Segway RMP-based robots. We believe Segway Soccer is the first game involving both humans and robots in cooperative roles and with similar capabilities. In conjunction with this new domain, we present our work towards developing a soccer playing robot using the Segway RMP platform and vision as its primary sensing modality. As Segway Soccer is set in the outdoors, we have developed novel vision algorithms to adapt to changes in lighting conditions. We present the domain of Segway Soccer, its inherent challenges, and our work towards this goal.

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IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation Proceedings. ICRA '04, 2, 1752-1757.