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This paper reports on part of a larger effort towards development of a citizen science method to engage riders to document and assess problems and good solutions throughout the system. This model will empower riders, resulting in a greater understanding of the transportation system, and improve the feedback loop between rider and provider. It is important to know what types of multimedia data riders are comfortable and interested in using for reporting their observations. A 2x3 within-participants design was used to explore reporting modality for a full-scale simulated bus shelter scene. The examined factors included the modalities of the Notes (text, audio) and Media (none, photo, video). Data was collected on perceived ease of use, usefulness, social comfort, and overall preference. The results from two user groups, those without disabilities and those who use wheeled mobility devices, suggest that text with photo should be supported and that end users may not view video data as having additional value.

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Transportation Research Board 2010 Annual Meeting.