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Spring 1995


Technical Report

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The citizens of Lawrenceville have participated with the Fifth Year students of the Department of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University in articulating the issues as well as their dreams, and it is to them this report is gratefully dedicated. If in whatever way our material helps to move Lawrenceville along the path to a new and brighter future, the privilege of doing whatever we can is ours.

The student program was designed to occupy the full academic year 1994/5. It is divided into two parts. Each part has three studios. Part One, devoted to the comprehensive urban designs covering all of Lawrenceville, occupied the Fall Semester 1994, and is the subject of this report. Part Two, devoted to the individual architectural designs detailing parts of the comprehensive urban designs, occupies the Spring Semester 1995, and it will be the subject of a report published in May.