Similarity, Induction, Naming, and Categorization (SINC): Generalization or Inductive Reasoning? Reply to Heit and Hayes

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This article is a response to E. Heit and B. K. Hayes's (see record 2005-14939-011) comment on the target article "Induction and Categorization in Young Children: A Similarity-Based Model" (V. M. Sloutsky & A. V. Fisher, 2004a). The response discusses points of agreement and disagreement with Heit and Hayes; phenomena predicted by similarity, induction, naming, and categorization (SINC); and relationships between SINC and models of verbal inductive reasoning, as well as contributions and limitations of SINC and directions for future research. Overall, the authors disagree with Heit and Hayes's analysis of limitations of SINC and with their analysis of SINC in the context of verbal inductive reasoning. At the same time, the authors agree that more research is needed to provide a unified account of similarity, induction, categorization, and recognition.


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Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 134, 4, 606-611.