The task dependence of staged versus cascaded processing: an empirical and computational study of Stroop interference in speech production.

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The authors investigated the on-line relationship between overt articulation and the central processes of speech production. In 2 experiments manipulating the timing of Stroop interference in color naming, the authors found that naming behavior can shift between exhibiting a staged or cascaded mode of processing, depending on task demands: An effect of Stroop interference on naming durations arose only when there was increased pressure for speeded responding. In a simple connectionist model of information processing applied to color naming, the authors accounted for the current results by manipulating a single parameter, termed "gain," modulating the rate of information accrual within the network. Results are discussed in relation to mechanisms of strategic control and the link between cognition and action.




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Journal of experimental psychology: General, 129, 3, 340-360.