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We discuss an effective field theory (EFT) approach to the computation of fluctuation-induced interactions between particles bound to a thermally fluctuating fluid surface controlled by surface tension. By describing particles as points, EFT avoids computing functional integrals subject to difficult constraints. Still, all information pertaining to particle size and shape is systematically restored by amending the surface Hamiltonian with a derivative expansion. The free energy is obtained as a cumulant expansion, for which straightforward techniques exist. We derive a completedescription for rigid axisymmetric objects, which allows us to develop a full asymptotic expansion—in powers of the inverse distance—for the pair interaction. We also demonstrate by a few examples the efficiency with which multibody interactions can be computed. Moreover, although the main advantage of the EFT approach lies in explicit computation, we discuss how one can infer certain features of cases involving flexible or anisotropic objects. The EFT description also permits a systematic computation of ground-state surface-mediated interactions, which we illustrate with a few examples.





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Phys. Rev. E 85, 011140 (2012), 85, 011140.