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The spatially resolved thermoelectric power is studied on epitaxial graphene on SiC with direct correspondence to graphene atomic structures by a scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) method. A thermovoltage arises from a temperature gradient between the STM tip and the sample, and variations of thermovoltage are distinguished at defects and boundaries with atomic resolution. The epitaxial graphene has a high thermoelectric power of 42 µV/K with a big change (9.6 µV/K) at the monolayer-bilayer boundary. Long-wavelength oscillations are revealed in thermopower maps which correspond to the Friedel oscillations of electronic density of states associated with the intravalley scattering in graphene. On the same terrace of a graphene layer, thermopower distributions show domain structures that can be attributed to the modifications of local electronic structures induced by microscopic distortions (wrinkles) of graphene sheet on the SiC substrate. The thermoelectric power, the electronic structure, the carrier concentration, and their interplay are analyzed on the level of individual defects and boundaries in graphene.


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Nano Letters, 13, 7, 3269-3273.