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We calculate the magnetic field generated during bubble collisions in a first-order electroweak phase transition that may occur for some choices of parameters in the minimal supersymmetric standard model. We derive equations of motion from the electroweak Lagrangian that couple the Higgs field and the gauge fields of the standard model sector. We show that for sufficiently gentle collisions, where the Higgs field is relatively unperturbed in the bubble overlap region, the equations of motion can be linearized so that in the absence of fermions the charged W± fields are the source of the electromagnetic current for generating the seed fields. Solutions of the equations of motion for the charged gauge fields and Maxwell’s equations for the magnetic field in O(1,2) space-time symmetry are expressed in closed form by applying boundary conditions at the time of collision. Our results indicate that the magnetic fields generated by charged W± fields in the collision are comparable to those found in previous work. The magnetic fields so produced could seed galactic and extra-galactic magnetic fields observed today.



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Phys. Rev. D , 77, 023501.