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The structural, electrical, and optical properties of GaN grown on 6H-SiC(0001) substrates by molecular beam epitaxy are studied. Suitable substrate preparation and growth conditions are found to greatly improve the structural quality of the films. Threading dislocation densities of about 3×109 cm−2 for edge dislocations and <1×106 cm−2 for screw dislocations are achieved in GaN films of 0.8 μm thickness. Mechanisms of dislocation generation and annihilation are discussed. Increasing the Ga to N flux ratio used during growth is found to improve the surface morphology. An unintentional electron concentration in the films of about 5×1017 cm−3 is observed, and is attributed to excess Si in the films due to a Si-cleaning step used in the substrate preparation. Results from optical characterization are correlated with the structural and electronic studies.





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Journal of Electronic Materials , 30, 3, 162-169.