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The Center for Design of Educational Computing (CDEC), in collaboration with faculty in the Department of Philosophy, has made major progress with modest funding this year in the development of a unique intelligent tutor to guide and teach (a) the construction of proofs in mathematical logic and formal theoretical domains (eg., Boolean algebra, social choice theory, elementary probability theory . . .) and (b) logical problem solving (eg., the formal reconstruction of arguments, logic puzzles and word problems presented in natural language).

We have no funding for this project beyond June '88. A grant on the order of $50K would support (full time) one applications programmer and (part time) a systems programmer and research scientist to continue our work, with philosophy faculty, for another year, while we seek follow-on funding. I outline here the significant work we could accomplish even with this level of funding and the very visible impact it would have, especially on campus, in the coming year.

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