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Patients are eligible to be entered into the study if they present with clinical signs and symptoms of bacterial endophthalmitis within six weeks of cataract surgery or secondary lens implantation. Visual acuity must be light perception of better, and the patient must read fewer than 36 letters on the EVS visual acuity chart at 4 meters (approximately 20/50 or worse). The cornea and anterior chamber of the involved eye must be clear enough to allow visualization of some part of the iris, and the cornea should be dear enough to allow the possibility of pars plana vitrectomy. A hypopyon must be present in the involved eye, or clouding of the anterior chamber or vitreous media must be severe enough to obscure clear visualization of second order retinal arterioles.

The EVS is investigating the roles of both vitrectomy and intravenous (IV) antibiotics. Patients are assigned at random to one of four treatment groups: initial vitrectomy with IV antibiotics, initial vitrectomy without IV antibiotics, initial tap with IV antibiotics, or initial tap without IV antibiotics.

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