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As die diversity of society increases, campuses arc experiencing more conflict. Training in dispute resolution skills can effectively reduce diversity conflicts.This proposal requests funding to make two interactive videodiscs that will teach dispute resolution skills to young adults, creating a new mode of instructor preparation, class presentation, practice, and review in this important field. The first disc will teach five basic skills: initiating a process to stop escalation of a conflict situation and begin a discussion; listening actively and fully; expressing feelings and interests; negotiating issues in complex situations; and brainstorming innovative solutions. These skills are demonstrated and tested with videos of conflicts frequently encountered by young adults. The second disc will focus on applying the basic skills in culture-, race- and gender-based conflicts on campuses. We will need $138,730 to finish research and planning, to make and thoroughly field test and evaluate both videodiscs, and to develop manuals. The videodiscs will facilitate widespread teaching of conflict management at the post-secondary level

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