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We derive an analytical solution to the Boltzmann transport equation (BTE) to relate nondiffusive thermal conductivity measurements by thermoreflectance techniques to the bulk thermal conductivity accumulation function, which quantifies cumulative contributions to thermal conductivity from different mean free path energy carriers (here, phonons). Our solution incorporates two experimentally defined length scales: thermal penetration depth and heating laser spot radius. We identify two thermal resistances based on the predicted spatial temperature and heat flux profiles. The first resistance is associated with the interaction between energy carriers and the surface of the solution domain. The second resistance accounts for transport of energy carriers through the solution domain and is affected by the experimentally defined length scales. Comparison of the BTE result with that from conventional heat diffusion theory enables a mapping of mean-free-path-specific contributions to the measured thermal conductivity based on the experimental length scales. In general, the measured thermal conductivity will be influenced by the smaller of the two length scales and the surface properties of the system. The result is used to compare nondiffusive thermal conductivity measurements of silicon with first-principles-based calculations of its thermal conductivity accumulation function.





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Physical Review B, 90, 064302.