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One of the most famous results in the theory of random graphs establishes that the threshold for Hamiltonicity in the Erdős-Rényi random graph Gn,p is around . Much research has been done to extend this to increasingly challenging random structures. In particular, a recent result by Frieze determined the asymptotic threshold for a loose Hamilton cycle in the random 3-uniform hypergraph by connecting 3-uniform hypergraphs to edge-colored graphs.

In this work, we consider that setting of edge-colored graphs, and prove a result which achieves the best possible first order constant. Specifically, when the edges of Gn,p are randomly colored from a set of (1 + o(1))n colors, with , we show that one can almost always find a Hamilton cycle which has the additional property that all edges are distinctly colored (rainbow).



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Random Structures and Algorithms, 44, 3, 328-354.