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We consider random sub-graphs of a fixed graph G=(V,E) with large minimum degree. We fix a positive integer k and let Gk be the random sub-graph where each v∈V independently chooses k random neighbors, making kn edges in all. When the minimum degree δ(G)≥(12+ϵ)n,n=|V| then Gk is k-connected w.h.p. for k=O(1); Hamiltonian for ksufficiently large. When δ(G)≥m, then Gk has a cycle of length (1−ϵ)m for k≥kϵ. By w.h.p. we mean that the probability of non-occurrence can be bounded by a function ϕ(n) (or ϕ(m)) where limn→∞ϕ(n)=0.

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