Your Library Instruction is in Another Castle: Developing Information Literacy Based Video Games at Carnegie Mellon University

Daniel R. Hood, Carnegie Mellon University
Donna Beck, Carnegie Mellon University
Rachel Callison, Carnegie Mellon University
John Fudrow, Carnegie Mellon University

Abstract or Table of Contents

Being part of an institution possessing a world-renowned computer science school and a reputation for developing innovative new technologies, the University Libraries at Carnegie Mellon were motivated to explore a new method of information literacy instruction. This method was to be the creation of a web-based video game. Through a $50,000 grant from the Buhl Foundation, awarded in the Spring of 2006, the University Libraries began developing a series of “web-based instructional modules." [1] The University Libraries soon formed a representative group of three librarians, self-dubbed the Library Arcade (LA) Committee, to help define how to best transmute the goals of traditional "information literacy" instruction into a videogame format. The committee began this process by investigating the past and current trends in videogame culture.