Abstraction and Verification in Alphard: Design and Verification of a Tree Handler

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The design of the Alphard programming language has been strongly influenced by ideas from the areas of programming methodology and formal program verification. The interaction of these ideas and their influence on Alphard are described by developing a nontrivial example, a program for manipulating the parse tree of an arithmetic expression.


Proc. Fifth Texas Conference on Computing Systems, University of Texas at Austin, October 1976, pp.86-94. Reprinted in Seminaires IRIA: Langages et Traducteurs -- 1977, Institut de Recherche d'Informatique et d'Automatique, 1978, pp.135-155. Reprinted in Alphard: Form and Content (Mary Shaw, ed), Springer-Verlag 1981.


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Alphard: Form and Content , 139-159.