A framework for synthesis of human gait oscillation using Intelligent Gait Oscillation Detector (IGOD)

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The main objective of this paper illustrates an elementary concept about the designing, development and implementation of a bio-informatics diagnostic tool which understands and analyzes the human gait oscillation in order to provide an insight on human bi-pedal locomotion and its stability. A multi sensor device for detection of gait oscillations during human locomotion has been developed effectively. It has been named “IGOD”, an acronym of the “Intelligent Gait Oscillation Detector”. It ensures capturing of different person’s walking pattern in a very elegant way. This device would be used for creating a database of gait oscillations which could be extensively applied in several implications. The preliminary acquired data for eight major joints of a human body have been presented significantly. The electronic circuit has been attached to IGOD device in order to customize the proper calibration of every joint angle eventually.