Localization of Mobile Robots in a Network using Mobile Agents

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With the progressive growth in the domain of autonomous mobile robot, mobile robots should have the capability of taking intelligent decision for their movement plan. In real time, it should be necessary for mobile robots to consume less amount of energy in navigating also. In our paper we proposed a multi agent based architecture which aims to utilize mobile agent architecture and distributed computing for localization of mobile robots in a low bandwidth network. It involves information retrieval from the mobile robots, the information being their location in a global map.

According to location information of each mobile robot, administrator implements low level control over mobile robots in their navigation plan and obstacle avoidance with the help of communication through mobile agents. This can also be done using basic client server architecture, but due to the inherent low bandwidth nature of the network, such architectures suffer from extreme lagging and network congestion as the number of networks’ nodes increases, thus making it unsuitable for dynamic exchange of information. Hence we are using mobile agent architecture which involves transfer of executable code to the location of the data instead of transferring data to the location of the executable code.