Developing Software suite for microcontroller based above knee active Prosthesis

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Human knee plays the most important role in Human Walking cycle. It balances the force exerted by human weight on it by applying appropriate torque for resisting the knee movement, which prevents human from buckling down. A controller has been designed for above knee Active prosthetic leg for controlling the damping forces while human walk. It could control the amount of damping applied at the knee joint to resist the knee movement. Certain sensors are use to take the real time values of the knee angle and the knee moment. Later those sensor values are processed to purify the errors introduced while reading sensors. Purifies values are then subjected to neural network base classifier for phase identification. Once the phase of the Human gait cycle is identified then a particulate equation is selected from the set of equations relevant to that particular phase calculating the damping values. The selected equation is equated with the help of sensor values captured and the calculated damping value is sent to the Damping device.