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Surveying the news of the past fifteen years, you are bound to find numerous articles and television specials claiming to expose sexual assault and rape that occurs within the ranks of the U.S. military. After reading my first article on such a topic, I was startled. Over the next few months I continued to see snippets here and there on this same topic. However, the bits and pieces I read always seemed incomplete. The bits and pieces I read would usually reveal one woman's story, or a few women's stories, but I could never understand precisely why it happened. I wanted to understand how women who chose to risk their lives in such a noble career were also forced to protect themselves from their fellow soldiers. Was the military just a microcosm for all of society, making these women's stories just some newsworthy material? Or, did the military differ in its history and traditions, making it a unique setting for sexual assault and rape against women?


Advisor: Lisa Tetrault

Department of History