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This is an idea that took a tremendous amount of outlining before I was able to get anything down on paper initially, aside from the first few pages. I would pitch it as a modern-day dyssey, but revolving more around "bad guys".

It's a very serious piece, not much like anything else I've written, but I think combining elements of humor with a very dark atmosphere can really add depth to the world I've attempted to put together.

As a whole, I tried to represent virtually all the main
characters seen in the original epic poem. I chose to replace the actual Gods by incorporating the media as a character that runs throughout the series. They will advance the plot, alert characters of important events, and inspire the story in a number of other ways as well.

Without a doubt, the narrative structure on this is the most complicated I have attempted to date. The use of four different storylines in the first episode provides for not only more tension for the audience, but I believe that it was also the best way to illustrate the idea of The Odyssey coming to life in an entirely different way.


Advisor: Sharon Dilworth

Department of English