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My research on ethnic identity and Pittsburgh's Ukrainian immigrant community began
as work for the Anthropology Research Seminar, the capstone course of my undergraduate
Anthropology/History education. The course's focus was the student production of an original
fieldwork based research project. After the course ended, I chose to continue my research as a
Senior Honors Thesis.
After some preliminary research online to get an idea about what types of ethnic/ culture
organizations Pittsburgh offers, I found an announcement for the Pittsburgh Ukrainian Festival,
20t h Anniversary concert in honor of the 10t h Anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine and in
Remembrance of the September 11t h Tragedy. It was scheduled for September 30 at the
Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh campus. At the annual Ukrainian Festival I
fumbled with my notebook, wondering if I was paying correct attention to the right things. My
first exposure to Pittsburgh's Ukrainian immigrant community was also my first experience as a
participant observer.


Advisor: Richard Maddox

Department of History