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Chapter I: An Introduction to Needle Exchange and Prevention Point Pittsburgh 3-15

Chapter II: From Public Health to Politics: Prevention Point’s attempt to make political Inroads in Allegheny County 16-26

Chapter III: Finally Legal! The 2001 public hearings, emergency protocol, and official sanctioning of Prevention Point Pittsburgh as a legal needle exchange operation 27-36

Chapter IV: Fitting In: the first years of legalization and the aborted attempt to write regulations for needle exchange in 2004 37-49

Chapter V: Murky Waters: the Gastgeb affair and the “official” writing of regulations for needle exchange in Allegheny County 50-63

Chapter VI: Prevention Point Today: where do we go from here? 64-68

Appendix 69-73

Bibliography 74-78


Advisor: Caroline Acker
Degree: B.A. History and Policy