Last Train to the Midnight Market

Marci Calabretta, Carnegie Mellon University

Department of English

Jim Daniels, advisor

Abstract or Description

The Last Intimate Moment 2

1990: for Father

When He was a Tender Age 4

Rumors 5

The Night They Got Drunk in His Apartment on Base 7

2009: for Mother

She Asked Her Husband to Listen 9

Please Leave a Message Before the Beep 10

The Number of Lovers 11

My Husband Asked Why I Wanted to Return 12

Graveless Daughter 13

Reasons She Stopped Talking to Me 14

What I Couldn’t Tell My Son about His Mother 15

Alimentum 16

Conversation in Three Voices 17

Please Leave a Message After the Beep 18

Mother Deserted the American Boys in South Korea 19

Soju and Clams 20

Mime in Kangnam Station 26

Old Woman Selling Umbrellas in Sadang Station 27

Lying on the Riverbank that Reminds Me of My Unborn Fetus 28

While Waiting for My Husband to Find Me Letter that My Son Will Never Read 29

The Last Maternal Moment Along the Han River 30

How to Run Away and Back 31

Shame to Line My Casket With 32

2011: for Charley

My Father’s Version of Parenting 34

How to Revise a Shirt 36

IM 37

Disease & Divorce 44

Journal of Powder 45

Slippage 51

Cinnamon for My Mother and Her Mother 52

Ode to the Bat Living in My (Mother’s) Attic 53

Household of Common Things 54

Witching Cigarette 63