Clinical Reminder System: A Relational Database Application for Evidence-Based Medicine Practice

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Evidence-based medicine is the distillation of a large volume of medical research and standards into treatment protocols for diseases and preventive care procedures that represent the most accurate knowledge available. In this project, we implement evidence-based medicine principles via a decision support system that provides suggested actions for physicians based on individual patient characteristics and established treatment protocols. Such a reminder system may enable physicians to make better-quality decisions, and may enable patients more consistently follow medical recommendations.

We present a prototype DSS, called Clinical Reminder System, that combines a relational database, a knowledge base consisting of algorithms that implement disease treatment protocols, integration with hospital legacy systems and a web-based interface allowing for physician management of patient data and suggested medical responses. This application has been in use within a clinical setting since 2001. Formal evaluation and assessment of patient outcomes associated with use of this system is currently being performed by Carnegie Mellon University and The Western Pennsylvania Hospital.