Comparing Gigapixel-scale Images

Randy Sargent, Carnegie Mellon University
Chris Bartley, Carnegie Mellon University
Paul Dille, Carnegie Mellon University
Mary Jo Knelly, Carnegie Mellon University
Illah Nourbakhsh, Carnegie Mellon University


Abstract or Description

Ever wished to be two places at once? Gigapixel-scale images capture environments for later
exploration. We present technology and approaches to place two (or more) gigapixel-scale
images side-by-side on a computer screen, allowing simultaneous exploration and comparison
of environments which might be separated by space or time. This simultaneous exploration
allows more effective discovery of similarities and differences in the case that the salient
areas for comparison aren’t known prior to image capture. What might be a slow, iterative
process moving back and forth between locations, now becomes efficient. And what might be
impossible comparing two moments in time becomes possible.