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Biology classes have long used photographs to illustrate a variety of topics under study. GigaPan technology adds to the photographic repertoire in important ways.
The importance of GigaPan technology becomes evident when one compares a single close-up image of a subject, such as a plant. The close-up image focuses on the details. What is lost is context and surroundings. By looking at a wide angle panorama one gains context but looses detail. Both of these image scales individually provide for relatively passive interaction through observation. GigaPan technology has combined the detailed information of a macro image and the context of a panorama. Shifting between these scales allows a student to have an active interaction with the information stored in the image. This provides a valuable tool in education. The following are examples of how GigaPan panoramas are utilized as classroom tools.



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Proceedings of the Fine International Conference on Gigapixel Imaging for Science.