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Introduction The Four Slates of Educational Experiences - Clark Aldrich Making visible: Using simulation and game environments across disciplines - Melinda Jackson Games by Degrees: Playing with Programs - Drew Davidson Practical barriers in using educational computer games - Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen Educating the Fighter: Buttonmashing, Seeing, Being - Kurt Squire Messages and Mediums: Learning to Teach With Videogames - David Thomas Visual Literacy and Learning: Finding some online territories for the slow learner - Donna Leishman Cheating Can be Good For You: Educational Games and Multiple Play Styles - Mia Consalvo Procedural Literacy: Educating the New Media Practitioner - Michael Mateas Simulation insubordination: How simulation games are revolutionising elearning - Siobhan Thomas Games/Gaming/Simulation in a New Media (Literature) Classroom - Scott Rettberg Weblogs: Learning in Public- Jill Walker Rettberg Self, video games and pedagogy - Jenny Weight Diving in to Peter Plantec's Brave New World of Virtual Humans - Bill Crosbie Why Create a Media and Game Center? - Drew Davidson Educational Software Development Sites - Marc Prensky Videogames and the Future of Education - Ian Bogost Author Biographies

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