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In this paper, we describe a program generator for physical layer (PHY) baseband processing in a software-defined radio implementation. The input of the generator is a very highlevel platform-independent description of the transmitter and receiver PHY functionality, represented in a domain-specific declarative language called Operator Language (OL). The output is performance-optimized and platform-tuned C code with single-instruction multiple-data (SIMD) vector intrinsics and threading directives. The generator performs these optimizations by restructuring the algorithms for the individual components at the OL level before mapping to code. This way known compiler limitation are overcome. Further platform tuning is achieved by a feedback-directed search that determines the fastest solution among a space of candidates. We demonstrate the approach and the excellent performance of the generated code on on the IEEE 802.11a (WiFi) receiver and transmitter for all transmission modes.



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Proceedings of the Software Defined Radio Conference (SDR).