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Abstract: "While process synthesis has matured in the areas of heat exchanger and separation synthesis, reactor network synthesis still remains a challenging problem. Advances in this area have been due to recent developments in methods for superstructure optimization as well as powerful concepts for reactor network targeting before a network is actually developed. In this paper we apply the latter approach to the synthesis of waste minimizing process flowsheets. This area has attracted much interest in the past five years, especially since waste minimization at the source is the most effective way to develop clean and efficient processes. Moreover, the characteristics of these flowsheets are primarily influenced by the reactor network. This study deals with targeting concepts introduced by Horn (1964), developed by Glasser, Hildebrandt and Crowe (1987) and adapted to an optimization framework by Balakrishna and Biegler (1992). Also, we apply concepts of waste minimization and multicriterion optimization, to incorporate the tradeoffs of minimum waste and maximum profit. This approach will be demonstrated on the Williams Otto and Van de Vusse flowsheets, where the potential for developing profitable waste minimizing processes will be shown. Moreover, we demonstrate the ability of the targeting procedure to integrate the energy and separation subsystems as well. This further increases the potential for process improvement."