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In this paper we propose a unified action recognition framework fusing local descriptors and holistic features. The motivation is that the local descriptors and holistic features emphasize different aspects of actions and are suitable for the different types of action databases. The proposed unified framework is based on frame differencing, bag-of-words and feature fusion. We extract two kinds of local descriptors, i.e. 2D and 3D SIFT feature descriptors, both based on 2D SIFT interest points. We apply Zernike moments to extract two kinds of holistic features, one is based on single frames and the other is based on motion energy image. We perform action recognition experiments on the KTH and Weizmann databases, using Support Vector Machines. We apply the leave-one-out and pseudo leave-N-out setups, and compare our proposed approach with state-of-the-art results. Experiments show that our proposed approach is effective. Compared with other approaches our approach is more robust, more versatile, easier to compute and simpler to understand.